Sometimes it's advisable, even necessary to use the services of a consultant. Behavioral health decision-making is complex. Using a professional with specialized technical knowledge can help you to make valuable changes in service direction.

What We Offer:

  • Consultation and evaluation of your current service offerings;
  • Consultation and assistance in the completion of RFI and RFP (Requests for Information and Requests for Proposal);
  • Consultation on the design and implementation of EAP and other behavioral health services;
  • Help with vendor recruitment and selection;
  • Development of service networks at most world locations;
  • Consultation, training and guidance to domestic providers on "going global";
  • Consultation, training and guidance to international providers on how to work successfully with US and other multinationals;
  • Consultation and assistance in building alliances and partnerships; assistance to those undertaking mergers and acquisitions.

Our professionals are recognized leaders of the behavioral health care field.

Additionally, our team has both domestic and international experience. You will find their CV's accessible from this website.

It can also save you precious time. Our consultants serve as sources of information and perception. At we know that effective consultation involves a joint deliberation between the consultant and those with decision-making responsibility.
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